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The Others Other people you might want to consider tipping are store staff.

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Some countries and states have a sales tax, and you can base your tip off of that.

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Grocers and chemists who home deliver should also be given a tip, in the range of Rs 5-10 per delivery.Pizza Hut pays their delivery drivers an amount (usually.50 to 1.00 depending on the area) for each delivery they make.

However, many still see tips as something extra, meant to be doled out based on how well someone does their job.

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Pizza delivery drivers have different challenges, like managing traffic and showing up at your house before your pizza is cold.

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To be honest, I never gave a pizza man a tip before as the bill includes delivery charges.As the guy showed up, I realized I had not had anything delivered to the house in a while (since I usually go and get it) and was wondering what was a fair tip.Grocery loader: Check with store policy if tips are accepted. If.

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How much a pizza delivery driver makes partly depends on how many hours he works and how quickly he can deliver orders.When ordering pizza delivery with some friends recently, the topic of tipping came up.

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Things to remember While tipping is always appreciated in Dubai, it is rarely expected, and no matter if one per cent or 50 per cent is given, the most important thing is to treat service staff with respect.It is my job to check the order before it goes out to make sure you have the right toppings, extras.

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If the sales tax rate in an area is between 6% and 9%, a tip of 14% of the after-tax price is typically expected.

The Tip Calculator calculates tip amount for various percentages of the cost of the service, and also provides a total amount that includes the tip.

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Do note that some delivery services charge a nominal delivery fee.

Aug 6, 2011 4:28 AM CST How much do you TIP the pizza delivery person. myfisrt West Jakarta, Indonesia 6 Threads 1,198 Posts. myfisrt West Jakarta, Indonesia 1,198 posts.You then tipped the driver when he or she came to your door and had a hot pizza to enjoy. But the.A tip of 10 to 20 percent is appropriate for delivery of all other foods to your home.The model for pizza delivery has always been the fee plus tip.

Pizza and Other Food Delivery Drivers: If you are having pizza (or other food) delivered to your home or office, the tip rules vary considerably.

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